It is most unfortunate that we have to cancel our first event of the summer season. The lake conditions are preventing us from “opening day”, but reset assured, we are working on alternate solutions/locations for June, and plan to have our July event at our usual location, Lord willing. The lake is currently at 926msl and it needs to be at 915 in order for the road to the marina to become passable. Currently, the road to get to the OFAS location is under water as you can see from the picture. The Army Corp of Engineers is currently letting water out of the dam to help bring the lake level down. At the rate they are letting out water, and if we do not get any more rain, the level should be at 915 or lower in 2-3 weeks. But the road will need to dry out, and all the underlying road base to prevent damage, so that will take a couple more weeks as well. We think everything will be ready to go for our July 25th event. But…..we are going to double up our events in August to make up for the cancelled June event, so don’t despair! stay tuned for updates.